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eCig Battery Safety Guidelines

eCig Battery Safety Guidelines
We all hear about horror stories in the media about eCigs exploding and causing house fires.
Sometimes this can be due to faulty and cheap manufactured devices that have not been certified or tested but it can also be to how you use the equipment.
Remember that this post could help prevent damage to your belongings and yourself!
Here are some guidelines for eCig battery safety to help reduce the possible hazards:
    Only use the connectors supplied and chargers provided with your eCig starter kit
    Do not use damaged or leaking batteries and dispose of safely
    Do not leave your battery charging unattended or charging over night
    Try to keep a backup battery so you can always charge on close by and be using another
    Look for products with overcharging and short circuit protection for peace of mind
    Always follow the manufacturer instructions and never use anything that does not contain a manual or guidelines
    Look for branded eCig and vaping equipment such as Innokin, Vision and Eleaf that have been certified for safety
    Do not over charge your battery, as soon as the green light shows remove it from charging
    Keep away from flammable objects or surfaces that could catch fire easily
    Do not charge in a vehicle
    Keep original packaging and receipts of where you purchased the item
    Be careful with cheap products or fake items, some manufacturers offer security codes to check the authenticity of their products
    Look for CE mark on the products
TPD Compliant