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Nano CBD E-Liquid Enhancer

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Cutting edge Nano CBD e-liquid enhancer.

Full spectrum terpenes profile. 10x amplified nano technology.

Add to your favourite shortfill.


1. Choose your preferred shortfill e-liquid
2. Pour contents of Nano Shot into e-liquid
3. Shake well and enjoy


Vegetable Glycerin (60%), Propylene Glycol (30%), Nano CBD Solution (10%)

Contains no THC or any other prohibited substances

Our Nano CBD E-Liquid Enhancer is a serious upgrade for people who really want to incorporate the benefits of CBD into their daily lives. Simply choose your preferred short fill e-liquid and combine our Nano CBD E-Liquid Enhancer with it. Pretty easy, right? The full spectrum terpenes in our enhancers are a big part of their incredible efficacy. While a normal CBD e-liquid may contain one or a few terpenes, our blends include a wide variety to ensure that you receive the different benefits of each. Contains no THC or any other prohibited substances. The best part? Our Nano CBD E-Liquid Enhancer does not in any way affect the taste of your favorite e-liquids! Are you ready to step up your CBD experience to the next level? If you are, then our Nano CBD E-Liquid Enhancer is the perfect choice, allowing you to keep using your favourite pens and e-liquids!

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